Sunday, March 1, 2009

"UP LIBERTY PASS" new original oil painting by Mike Callahan

"Up Liberty Pass"
36" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

The Ruby Mountains in Eastern Nevada are often referred to as 'Nevada's Rockies'. Parts are mighty rocky, I can tell you that much! This is another painting from the backpack trip my son and I took last September. We were heading back out of the wilderness area when we met up with this outfitter going in to pick up one of his clients. At close to 11,000 feet, and having already travelled several miles that morning, it kind of made me wish I had a horse!


artistnat said...

Hey Mike, I was just scrolling through all your paintings and I have to say that I think this is amazing. You really portrayed the background rock well and I think the vegetation in the foreground looks real. Fabulous capture.

Mike Callahan said...

Thanks Natalie! This is one of my favorites of late; it was a fun one to paint!