Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some New Drawings

On November 1, I started a 6 week drawing group...we have costumed models who pose for 3 hours...I'm having a great time! Here are some of my drawings so far...

November 1st's drawing...I only worked on this one for about half of the group time as I had brought some new, recycled drawing paper that ended up being real junk...I would have had a better time with the blank side of a grocery sack...anyway, by the time I had had enough and got a piece of nice drawing paper, the time was half gone!

November 8th's Drawing...this lady is an amazing model...she makes her own costumes and holds a 3 hour pose like no other (we did give her breaks, but when she resumed the pose, she was spot on!)

November 16th's Drawing, on canvas...I fought with this all night long...the canvas was too rough and the charcoal just wanted to fall off constantly! Best way to learn something is by trying it though! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!