Sunday, February 8, 2009

"JED" - New Original Oil Painting by Mike Callahan

Oil on Canvas 30" x 20"
Last September, my son and I took a backpack trip into the Ruby Mountain Wilderness Area. On that trip we ran across this old outfitter and his dog sitting at his camp watching the pack mules while his clients were out hunting Mountain Sheep. I asked him if I could take his photo and he agreed. He wasn't very talkative and really didn't say anything beyond agreeing to have his photo taken. He had on a copper bracelet with the letters JED on it...I don't know if those were his initials or if his name was Jed...Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"GRAEGLE CREEK CATARACTS" New Original Oil Painting by Mike Callahan

"Graegle Creek Cataracts"
Oil on Canvas
24" x 30"
Last spring I took a trip up to Long Lake and the snow was really starting to melt...the water coming down Graegle Creek was just blasting over these falls and I've wanted to take the challenge of painting them for some time now! Enjoy!