Monday, July 2, 2007

"Wary" - Original Oil Painting (in progress) by Mike Callahan

I'm beginning a new painting...I'll try to keep my progress updated here. Above are my reference materials for the painting. I had already painted the study for it, I'll be using that for my color and values. I decided to put an Indian warily watering his horse in the shallow stream. I was able to get a nice shot of a horse that was rather nonchalantly grazing in a nearby field. I didn't see any Indians around, so once again I asked my son Ian to pose for me. He humored me and I turned him into an Indian in the sketch shown above. Just to make sure he fit on the horse, I scanned my sketch, gave it a quick wash of color and put him on the horse in Photoshop. I put the both of them in my original reference shot. Now I'm ready to begin.

"Wary" Oil on Canvas 24" x 32" (painting in progress)
This is the first couple of morning's progress. I've started as usual, underpainting and sketching in my major elements in the wet underpaint. More tomorrow..more detailed progress here.

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