Monday, June 11, 2007

Painting in Progress

"Reading the Early Post" - preliminary sketch
pencil on paper
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I'm starting a couple of new pieces for a show coming up in July to benefit the Nevada Rock Art Foundation. They are a group dedicated to the preservation of Nevada's petroglyphs. I wanted to do something a little different, so in this first piece I wanted to depict an early indiginous inhabitant looking at some petroglyphs carved by some of his contemporaries since one must imagine that petroglyphs originally were meant as forms of communication. I researched what this person might have looked like and what he may have worn. It seems, almost universally, in warm weather at least, males wore breechcloths made of either leather or plant material and mocassins with a single seam in the center.
I asked my son to pose for me for reference. Since I posed him in a makeshift breechcloth comprised of a bathroom towel and belt, I thought I would spare both you and him the embarrasment of posting that reference shot. Instead, above you will see my initial sketch. The wild hair he does not have either.

"Reading the Early Post" - figure study
6"x8" Oil on Canvas
Having completed the sketch earlier, this morning I did a small study of how I want to paint the figure in the larger painting. This is 6" x 8". Come back tomorrow for my progress on the larger piece.

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