Saturday, February 24, 2007

Congratulations to Daily Painting Winners!

This month, I decided to inject a little fun into the daily painting routine. I decided to give away a daily painting to one lucky winner on my daily email list. (Hint:if you aren't already signed-up, you should do so because I'm going to do another give-away next month.)
Well, I decided on a guessing game, asking participants to email me guesses as to which number I was thinking of. Each correct guesser got to advance to another round. Congratulations goes out to Pat W. of Reno, NV who guessed right each round and made a really short contest. Since Pat won so quickly, I decided to keep the fun going and have a consolation round for all who had taken the time to guess in my initial game.
Congratulations go out to Natalie G. of Spanish Springs, NV, and Erik S. of Saginaw, MI, who both guessed correctly right down the line in each round! They both did so well and guessed my exact number in the final round that I decided to declare a tie rather than keep forcing play-off rounds (they could have went on indefinitely!)
To those of you who played, thanks for participating! Don't lose heart, I'm going to announce another game next month in your daily email, so if you see anything written below the painting of the day, be sure to read it!

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